Just an old family picture.
(Before mom had her 8th kid :)
Fun Facts:

Just Some Hometown Girls

The most important thing you may need to know about us is we’re both the same height, generally the same weight, & we’re not twins.. but we do like to match. And we love FOOD & COFFEE (Haley prefers tea though :).

We were both born in California (that’s our claim to fame) & we were raised for the last 14 years in Tulsa, OK.  We LOVE this place and it’s 4 seasons. We live on 4 acres with 50 pecan trees.. well actually 47... 3 fell over/died. We’ve all switched back and forth from Christian & Home School, all 8 of us!

We grew up singing in church, singing at home, singing in Africa... our parents have been short term missionaries from time to time. Almost every spring break since 6th grade one or more of us have been overseas (Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Kenya, Ecuador..) for spring break with our school on missions trips. 

We led worship at our church for 5 years, starting at  
16 & 15 years old. 
That was probably the best thing that could have happened for our music career. It was a safe, growing environment & we loved it. We sing on a worship team at our current church now as well.  

Life is Simple & Lovely around our house. 
We love each other, the kids don’t fight, we’re allowed to sit on the counters & ride scooters through the house... and our parents are our friends. 
We probably wouldn’t make for a great reality TV show.. ‘cause the only rise of the story would probably be dad telling the kids the clean the house..  and/or him crying to our music.. haha. For Reals. :)

Jesus is the center of our lives. He’s the glue that keeps our family together, and the oil that keeps it running smoothly.

Well that’s us :)


~ Camille & Haley

(more of our story/musical journey at bottom of page)

We’re from a family of 8 kids! 
5 girls , 3 boys.
Ages 24 to 7. 
All from the same parents, married 26 years!

We’ve never been to public school - we’ve switched between homeschool and christian school.

We write all our own music
31 country/pop
10 Christian
7 Christmas originals
2 Jingles

Haley & I (Camille) are best friends & share most of the same likes & dislikes. 

everyone’s really close in our family, there’s really no strife or arguments...

We’re Christians & share our. We gave our lives to Jesus at 3 (Camille’s earliest memory) & Haley at 4 years old & never went back to our dreadful old ways!! 

We still share a room. 

Camille’s been on 8 mission trips to Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras & Belize.
Haley’s been to Belize & mexico.

Haley’s a Photographer
“haley Harris Photography” on facebook 

Camille’s a runner. Working up to 5 miles. at the 2 mile mark currently & Recently did half of insanity! Haley’s started running too! 

Haley likes USED clothing... almost exclusively. ( She would pay someone to wear in her shoes)

ONe of haley’s dreams is to be a voice actor for disney & to play “rapunzel” in a play.

Singers  Songwriters  Sisters



Middle Name: Joy

Fave Color: Green


Broadway (Be Rapunzel & others).

Be a professional Voice-Actor.

Do something with photography (not quite sure yet - maybe Celebrity photography).

Help with an orphanage. Embetter orphanage environments and get kids adopted into good families.

Hobbies/Likes: Photography, songwriting, Poetry, Most any kind of art.. Cover songs, Writing English papers, Editing pictures, Looking up unfamiliar words in the dictionary, Being On Stage, Thrift Shopping & Forever 21, Going Makeup-Free, Mall Food Courts Chick-Fil-A, Frozen Yogurt, Instagram & all social media!

Voice part: Alto & Soprano 2

# in the family: 3rd Oldest

Birthday: August 4, 1993

Middle Name: Marie

Fave Colors: Yellows & Greens, Turquoisey Greenish-Blue, & Hot-ish Pink (like sports pink), neutrals,  can’t decideMost all the colors - can you tell I’m slightly indecisive? :)


Be a writer (books, songs & blogs). Eventually write songs for other people (be an actual songwriter) 

Be a public speaker - for a ministry, at conferences or charities.

Help other people accomplish their dreams.

Give guitar, piano & ukulele lessons on youtube.

Fund missionaries full time.

Start or work with charities that give people braces, fix people’s cars and distribute good food & clean water to people in need in America and overseas.

Travel - go to Paris when I get married. Go to every continent.

Hobbies/Likes: Making myself & other people laugh, Writing Songs, performing, recently poetry, playing guitar, then ukulele, then piano, then bass, then banjo, then mandolin, then drums (in that order), teaching people music, Being in the studio, drinking coffee, being with family & friends.. usually at the same time, (the more people, the more life & Happiness), Journaling, Black Straight Leg Jeans, Black Blazers & Black Dresses, I love to chase my brothers and kiss them on the cheek... all the time, I Love Updating my facebook statuses - I want everyone to read them, Now I’m really into Instagram! I like to take pictures.. or have haley take pics of me, Sunflowers & Daisies, Thoughtful People...

Voice Part: Soprano 2, sometimes alto

# in the family: 2nd oldest

Birthday: January 18, 1992

The newest edition:
Haddie (#8) 7 years old!

Camille & Haley’s Story

Dad taught Camille how to play her first 4 chords on a miniature guitar in their kitchen when she was 10 years old. She wrote her first song at 11, performed at the family Christmas party, and at 15 started writing songs inspired by their youth pastor’s sermons. Shortly after a few love songs to a boyfriend were birthed, she found that songwriting was one of her mains gifts and passions. 

With Haley, it all started at 13 when she when she was heard singing to the radio in the kitchen... Dad came out thinking it was Camille, shocked to see Haley standing sheepishly alone.. He said, “Haley, was that You?!?” She made family news that day as Dad called each relative and Haley showed them her newly discovered talent. She started writing poetry (400 poems) and later started harmonizing & co-writing with Camille and never stopped.

At 16 Camille became the head worship leader for their parents church. Haley soon joined the worship team and they continued leading together for around 5 years. Camille & Haley started harmonizing together for worship and on the songs Camille had written and soon Haley started co-writing with Camille then writing her own songs as well! 

In about January of 2011 their dad met Garth Brooks at a Whole Foods in Tulsa and Garth asked for a CD, which wasn’t existent at the time.  Their dad got inspired to get their music on CD at that moment and by March of 2011 they started on their recording journey! A new friend payed for studio time for their first 3 song CD in Tulsa, OK at Drapp Studios. By July they were in Nashville with a whole album recorded competing in Gospel Music Association’s “Immerse” competition taking 3rd place for duo. 

In March of 2012 they wrote a song and posted a music video in support of republican presidential candidate Senator Rick Santorum and the video conjured 1 million views in 2 weeks! They then began to travel with Senator Santorum singing their original country music, the national anthem and his new theme song “Game On” at his campaigns in 5 different states over a 5 week period until his campaign ended in April. 

The girls have continued to travel off and on as invited and have been singing at a variety of churches, conferences, charities, golf courses, luncheons, fundraisers, political events, private parties etc. and have recorded 5 original albums to date. 
3 being country-pop: love, life & family oriented, 1 Christian album and in 2013 they completed their first full length Christmas album which they started in December of 2012! 

They have now incorporated a list of around 150 clean popular songs to their performances, which are often 1-3 hour sets consisting of their original music and a wide variety of “songs that everybody knows” from artists like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, Elvis, Disney, etc. 

Camille & Haley reside in Tulsa, OK and plan on continuing in music together with no end in sight. They do a photography business together as well. Recently when told they were “the most agreeable sisters” a lady had ever met - they responded with - “We share everything! A room, food, clothes and a music career! We have no choice!”  

Updated as of April 8th, 2014